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Exhibition list for 2021

Since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, art galleries will be opening and other art-based events will be moving forward. How exciting!

All my artistic efforts from the last 18 months will be slowly released from the confines of my studio into the wilds of Herefordshire!

Please check-in regularly on the blog for updates and additions to the 2021 exhibition roster.

Exhibition list 2021


17th-23rd | No. 8 Gallery-Cinema-Theatre | Pershore, Worcestershire |


21st-27th | Weavers Gallery | Ledbury, Herefordshire


4th-10th | Coach House Theatre gallery | Malvern, Worcestershire |


until Jan 2022 | Craft Gallery at Old Mayor's Parlour | Hereford |


4th-12th | Herefordshire Art Week / h.Art | Canon Frome Court gallery |

27th-3d Oct | Weavers Gallery | Ledbury, Herefordshire

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